Who we are is a product of how we think

Before we ever developed a piece of software, we developed our philosophy and value system.

We are open.

For business.

Rooteam is built on radical transparency and communication.

Open source

Rooteam believes in the social (and commercial!) good of open source tools. We always participate in software at a scale that is greater than the sum of its parts. That includes giving back to a community of users beyond our enterprise.

Open dialog

Our commitment to openness extends further in two key ways: We invite other devs to review and improve on our work, and we model our client relationships after open source ideals. That means joint efforts and obsessive clarity.

Open archive

Every client receives their full source code for insight and control. All our work archives, down to the last detail of time spent per task, is available for their review. The way we see it, every client is a partner. We serve their best interest.

How T.E.A.M. gets it done




We always start with scoping out the issues to solve and the milestones to meet along the way. Every scope includes a set of goals, both as specific improvements as well as general business outcomes.




Tools are made for people. To deliver on goals, we define each user, review their workflow, and intuit how they’ll interface with the new solution. Above all, we know user experience is the best indicator of software success.




At Rooteam, Implementation is an agile, live feedback process across the dev lifecycle. We make microdecisions for clients every step of the way, and that demands their fundamental involvement in every iteration.




Post launch, we keep comparing original goals and current performance. Reporting tools tell the truth, while empirical data helps find new opportunities. As tech advances exponentially, we create a review loop that powers progress.

Work with a team

that roots for you